After operating "Beer and Wine" stores in Montgomery County, Maryland for over 20 years we decided to take the knowledge we had gained and build an entirely new store. No longer would we use the generic "Beer & Wine". Instead we now use a term more suited to what we actually do:

"Purveyors of Fine Wines and Malt Beverages"

We strive to offer our customers the absolute best of everything we carry. We have one of the largest selections of wines from all over the world. And don't think for a minute we have neglected malt beverages. We carry the finest beers, ales and other malt beverages designed for the real "Beer Connoisseur"

Of course, providing a product to you, the customer, is only part of what we do. It seems that courteous and efficient customer service has disappeared from most business entities. Not at Grape Expectations!! We have a highly trained staff that understands how to really afford our customers the very best product and service.

This is a family business and our pride in what we do is reflected the moment you enter our store.

So what are you waiting for? Come see us.

Al, Jane & Jeb